You expect my uterus to do WHAT?!?!

{August 18, 2009}   Welcome Blogger Bingo-ers!

How is everyone tonight?  Infertile?  Fantastic.

So I’ve been a royal punk about updating my blog and I’ve decided that I’m going to post more.  After all, I’ve started my 101 things to do in 1001 days and one of my goals is to participate in more IComLeavWe’s 🙂 This is like baby steps into that.  Er, bad choice of words–it’s like tiny person steps into that.

A little about myself for the newbies and a refresher for the old hags.

I’m 26, barren and slightly bitter.  My H is 25 and turning a little jaded as we speak.  We’ve been ttc since 12/06, 2 months after we were married.  Why?  Because apparently I’m a freaking psychic.  I told H “I’d rather get KU right away and have to go on the pill then to wait 5 years, decide we’re ready and end up having problems”  Ha freaking Ha.

So I was in denial for a long time :cough2yearscough: and finally made my visit with an RE.  I had gotten pregnant last october, but it ended in a m/c.  (Overall, I’ve dealt with it alright, but some days are worse than others).

I was 100% sure that I had pcos and that they were going to smack my ass and give me clomid.

They pop my feet in the stirrups and as the RE is talking and the tech is probing (and H is feeling inadequate, thanks to the monster dildocam) I see it.  The most jewelry I’ve ever worn at one time.  Two beautiful pearl necklaces.


Even though I was expecting it, it still sucked seeing it.  I put my pants on and make my way to the office.

So we sit down with the RE and he asks me “M–has anyone gone over the results of your SA?”

I chuckle, because deep down, I’m a 12 year old boy.  I reply “nope”, expecting a green light.

“It’s a miracle you even got pregnant in the first place”

Say WHAT?!!

Apparently H’s numbers are low.  Low quantity, low motilitity but FANTASTICALLY shaped.  So basically, as I explained it to my 82 year old grandmother, “He’s got like a handful of gorgeous sperm, but they are lazy and bad with directions”

Then, as fast as he was deemed lacking in the sperm department, H was gone.  No, not permanently, but for the next 3 months.

Flashforward to today.

3 months have passed, I’ve helpd one of my best friends bring forth her second child (who, as if a m/c isn’t hard enough on its own) was due within days of my MacKenna, I’ve been busting my butt at work, H has been taking his vitamins every day and my cycle has somehow managed to regulate itself (30 day cycles, what?!)

H is coming home next week, he gets to visit the plastic couch again (to see if I paid too much for vitamins that do nothing) and I should be starting soon.

Hopefully his numbers go up.

Either way, I’m starting clomid as soon as they’ll give me the script for it.

Here we go!


Kate says:

I love your writing style. I’m sorry you’ve gone through so much. I have PCOS too. They gave me Metformin. Are you on that?

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