You expect my uterus to do WHAT?!?!

{August 20, 2009}   Show and Tell

As a preschool teacher, I have had my share of show and tell.  Normally it’s listening to a nervous 3 year old go on and on and on and on about the sticker he found on the playground last week and has kept in his (oh so grimy) pants pocket.

However, this is my turn for the show and tell, my very first turn and I’m very excited.

This week, for show and tell, I’d like to present :drumroll:

My husband! Mr M–meet the bloggers–bloggers–Mr. M.

It was a dark and stormy night, back in 2000-something or other when I met Mr M.  I was way into his roommate at the time.  We all hung out together and life was grand.

I started dating his roommate (yes, I was that sorority girl..I apologize now to my panhellenic sisters, I didn’t help the sterotype)  and hanging out with Mr. M.  He was like that guy in every chick flick, the one everyone always steps all over.  We were friends and he would talk to me and tell me how great I was for his roommate and how lucky his roommate was to have me.

Things ended with the roommate (although on a platonic note) and we all still hung out.  Then I realized I was getting the tingly feelings for Mr. M.  Why? I don’t know 🙂  He’s a giant nerd and we were such good friends and blah blah blah.

I wrote him an email (yes, I realize that’s lame, but it was the early 2000’s and I was barely 20, give me a break!) and told him how I felt.  He wrote me back and said, among other things, that while I was an amazing woman, he valued our friendship so much, he knew he’d screw up a relationship.  He sign it, (ready for this, seriously, are you ready?)

“With love only a friend can have, Mr M”

A whole year later we are talking about marriage.

He puts up with a lot of my shit and trust me, there has been a lot.  This whole IF business has been really hard on both of us and we’ve taken these 3 years to really get to know each other.  We can do our own things and still be together.  We are learning and changing because of each other and our marriage.  He’s helped me face a lot of my demons and I’ve done the same for him.

I know, this is way out of character for me–this girly bullshit–but stay with me.

He is an amazing guy and last summer we spent the summer apart.  After all, I was in Georgia working and he was in Michigan.  However, my summer went so fast and before I knew it, three months were over.  This year, I’ve done the grown up thing and found a steady, year-round job and I saw him off on his summer-long working adventure.

I miss him.  I do.

Don’t get me wrong, there are DEF. things I don’t miss about him, AT ALL.  I can come and go where and when I want.  I can choose whatever I want for dinner, watch what I want for movies/tv and if I want to hog the pillows or the fan, I can.

However, I dealt with the passing of what should have been my due date–alone.  I helped my friend bring her little boy into the world and came home and cried–alone.  I climb into an empty bed and no one is happy to see me when I come home.  I leave the tv or the movies on in the background, just to hear the sound of another persons voice.  I miss the sound of his voice, the feel of his touch and having someone to vent about my day with.

He’s coming home next week and we’re facing the “wtf do we do now” choices now.  It’s going to be a rough road, but I’m looking forward to facing it together.

To leave you, a few of my favorite pictures of Mr M.

Us, May 2009, finally on our honeymoon (Disneyland)

Walking around downtown, taking wedding pictures

May, 2009  @ Big Sur

Being the good husband/friend/photography assistant (shooting one of my best friends weddings), September 2008

I convinced him to put on a Biore strip.  Then I convinced him to let me take a picture *giggles*

*****Show and Tell is sponsored by Mel @ Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters***


Kristin says:

What a sweet tribute to your husband. Thanks for sharing with us.

mmariluh says:

Awwww! So sweet. I got teary and everything. 🙂
Oh, I think you should definitely keep him.

Jenn says:

OMG…he is adorable and so are you. So very nice to meet Mr. M
Love the story of how you ended up together!

Lin says:

Nice to meet you Mr. M! Love to see other Disney honeymoons…ours was at WDW!

krazykids says:

You guys are cute 🙂

What a great story of how you met. When i am away from my husband there are some definite pros but in the end the cons of being apart supercede tv shows and eating what I want. Have a happy homecoming.

My husband likes the Biore strips, but his nose is too big for just one, so I have to jerry-rig two together if we want to cover his whole nose!

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